Coming soon

by Peter Rojas


The new Downtown offices are coming soon. RCRD LBL itself is coming a bit sooner.

P.S. - Yeah, we've let the building's owners know that they misspelled "Digital".

My long wait for a gPhone

by Peter Rojas

Well, now that it's clear that we won't be seeing any gPhones until sometime in the 2nd half of 2008, I have a difficult decision to make: what phone will I use for the next 8-12 months until the first Android-powered phones are available? (And that's assuming that at least one of the first models to go on sale will be one I want to buy.) I'm beyond tired of my Treo 700p, but so far I haven't found a phone that has quite the right mix of QWERTY keyboard, 3G connectivity, and support for Google's Java-based Mobile Gmail client. Some of the new BlackBerrys come close, but I don't love the UI so much, and while I've gotten Mobile Gmail working on Windows Mobile, the experience isn't as seamless or well-integrated as it is on my Treo 700p. I might just keep waiting....


by Peter Rojas


Justice at Terminal 5 last night. The Marshall Stacks are purely for decorative purposes.

On the GigaOm Show

by Peter Rojas


Ryan and I sat in on the GigaOm Show a couple of weeks ago when I was out in SF for the TechCrunch 40. Makes me miss the old days of the Engadget podcast, which we put on hiatus this summer because of how difficult it had become to fit its production into our increasingly hectic schedules.