Ten years

by Peter Rojas

Forget all those April Fools Day hoaxes that are going around; the real news is that Scripting News reached the ten year mark today. Big ups to Dave for both pioneering the genre and toughing it out for a decade, blogging can be something of a contact sport. I'm just about three-and-a-half years from the ten-year-mark myself -- though unlike Dave I've jumped around a bit more and have long since abandoned my original blog to the mists of time.

Salman and me

by Peter Rojas

So I know why I was in Orlando earlier this week -- to geek out on cellphones at CTIA -- but what I can't figure out is why Salman Rushdie was down there. I spotted him sitting in first class while boarding my flight back to NYC last night (he was on his cellie talking about Steven Pinker) and I'm dying to know what could have possibly brought him down to Florida.

That was fast

by Peter Rojas


I'm already back from SXSW. Yesterday's panel went fairly well (I managed not to say anything too stupid, plus the other panelists were pretty damn sharp), and then I squeezed in a few panels and parties before I had to head back to NYC this afternoon. I won't go on and on about how all anyone talked about was Twitter, it seemed to be the only common topic of conversation in Austin and I'm sure it's getting blogged to death right now.