Me at Mobile Monday on, uh, Monday

by Peter Rojas

If you're in NYC this Monday -- and you're into that whole smartphone thing -- then you should come see to Mobile Monday next week. I'll be talking about why I both love and hate smartphones with Michael Gartenberg from Jupiter Research and Scott Weiss from Usable Products. Here's the scoop:

Monday, November 27th, 6:45-9 PM

Samsung Experience Center Time Warner Center – Shops at Columbus Circle 10 Columbus Circle, 3rd floor New York City, NY 10022 (map)

The event is free, but you gotta RSVP here.

Jason's out

by Peter Rojas

Man, where to start? Yes, I've known for a few weeks now that Jason was leaving. No, I'm not leaving with him -- I'll be kicking it at Engadget/WIN/AOL for a little while longer. What I can say is that working with Jason for the past 33 months or so has been absolutely amazing, without a doubt it's been the most positive experience of my professional career. I can't imagine anyone better to launch a business with and I'm privileged to count him as both a mentor and a friend. AOL will be a worse place for having lost him.

Uniqlo arrives

by Peter Rojas

Uniqlo Elz and I hit up the Uniqlo flagship store opening in Soho today. As expected, it was almost overwhelmingly crowded, but it was well-worth navigating the masses of people that were packed inside. It's more or less like a Japanese H&M, which is pretty much all you can ask for in a masstige clothing chain, right? PSFK has some pics from last night's launch party.

Not worth waiting for

by Peter Rojas

If this spoiler-laden summary of tonight's episode of Lost is at all accurate -- and it sounds like it is -- then I really don't mind so much that the show won't have any more new episodes until February. Why is it proving so hard for them to crank out a decent episode?