A former member of the youth brigade

by Peter Rojas


It's cool that Chris Anderson is the editor-in-chief of Wired mag and the author of The Long Tail and all that, but he completely blew me away when he told me at last night's Long Tail launch party that he was in not one, but two obscure early-80's DC bands that I love: Egoslavia (a Gang of Four-inspired post-punk band) and Youth Brigade (an early Dischord hardcore band). Now I'm officially impressed.

Summer kicks

by Peter Rojas

antioch_arrow_12inch.gifChamillionaire - Ridin - Every summer needs a jam. JPod - Picked this up yesterday evening, so far it's entertaining, but I think I should probably read a book that isn't an endless regurgitation of pop culture references. I get enough of that online already.

Call of Duty 2 - I didn't think I'd ever get into this one, but after growing weary of Oblivion's solo style I wanted something that I could play with my crew. The online play is addicting, but let's just say that I'm so bad at it that I abandoned my original screenname ("engadget") because I didn't want to bring any additional shame to the Engadget brand.

Brick - My fave movie of the year so far. Either you buy into the premise or you don't, but I totally get why SoCal and film noir go hand-in-hand. The best part is Lucas Haas as an unwitting caricature of Aaron Montaigne. Portraits of Past - I'm pretty sure the 21-year-old Peter Rojas would despise the 31-year-old Peter Rojas, but I think he'd be really happy that his future self still listens to Portraits of Past.

Babycakes - It's so dangerous having a vegan bakery within a block of my house.

Treo 700p - It's not that much of an upgrade from the 650 (though the EV-DO is sweet), but I bought one anyway. I feel so dirty.

Headed to Amsterdam

by Peter Rojas

In case you didn't spot it over at Engadget, we're having an Engadget Reader Meetup in Amsterdam on the evening of July 20th (location and exact time to be announced shortly). Incidentally, it'll be my first chance to hang out with Thomas Ricker, Engadget's European correspondent -- it's funny how long you can work closely with someone before you actually meet them.

Escaping Wikipedia

by Peter Rojas

Apparently someone who reads this blog thought it’d be funny to create a new Wikipedia entry for me. I wasn’t kidding about not caring about being in Wikipedia, I think it's totally fine that the earlier entry about me was deleted. Could someone out there propose the entry for deletion? It’s not like I’ve suddenly become more notable or anything. UPDATE: Victory!